Isha Knill - Business Coaching
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"Before I began working with Isha I felt very overwhelmed and imprisoned by my business. Delegation was not a strength for me and I was aware that I needed to improve my communication and leadership skills. Instead of just focusing on my business issues, Isha focused on supporting me to grow which helped me to become a mindful communicator and empowered leader. This in turn improved my business issues. I have loved learning how to build a business that works for me, which means I no longer feel guilty about prioritising time for myself as I understand how important this is. I have enjoyed the opportunity for self-reflection that my sessions with Isha have given me as they have helped me to open-up my thinking so I can grow. Our sessions have helped me gain self-belief and confidence in my ability as a leader and I now feel that my business ambitions are possible and achievable."
-Susan Ang, CEO Eyestore Bankstown, Warilla and Kiama

"I have known Isha professionally for over 2 years now.  She is an amazing women who has a knack for really getting to the heart of an issue, massaging it and helping people find solutions in a warm, friendly but professional way.   She is the facilitator for our Illawarra ITeC Inner Circle meetings which is a small group of women who meet once a month to discuss business and personal topics.  The group is such a supportive and nurturing environment and this is all because of Isha and the relationships that have formed over the year.  Being in business can be a pretty lonely place, not to mention overwhelming some times.   There is an expectation that everyone is doing fine, and we all know that this isn’t necessarily the truth.    Isha is able to guide participants, helping them to make decisions that improves their confidence so that they are okay on the inside, making them stronger and more confident on the outside.    I am proud to call Isha my friend."
- Virginia Wren, Business Development Manager, Illawarra Itec, Wollongong

"I have worked with Isha for the past six months, in both a group and one on one setting. I find Isha to be extremely knowledgeable and adept at coaching whatever the situation is that has arisen. Her humanistic style encourages vulnerability and openness and from this place growth is guaranteed. "
- Jo Mould Have to Have Health

"Isha was initially contracted to work with an individual member of our team who requested, during a Performance Review, help with personal development to allow promotion within our business. The positive changes displayed by this member of our team lead to Isha working closely with our Management team, then becoming an integral part of the growth and development of all staff, and in turn our business. All staff regularly booked time with Isha and gave constant positive feedback about the benefit of having a trusted, independent person who listens, offers insights and suggests alternatives to dealing with anything from small day to day issues through to larger professional and personal issues that may be affecting their lives."
- Jeni Clift, General Manager, DWM IT Solutions

"Isha has given me clarification when creating a new section of my company. Isha has really studied business areas of development and her insight has been invaluable, she has saved me a great deal of time and money. She knows what she is doing and I am grateful to be working with her. Isha gives 110% and I would recommend her services to anyone."
- Sandy MacGregor, Best Selling Author & Trainer

"Isha has a very thorough knowledge of the communication skills require to reach out to a very diverse range of people. The workshops she has conducted for Conargo Shire employees and community groups have been very well received. They have produced a measurable result and a far happier and more productive workforce."
- John Trist, Training Officer, Conargo Shire Council

"Wow, what a motivator! Isha has helped me focus and has started me on the path to success with encouragement and direction."
- Mary-Anne Butcher, NSW, Australia

"Before I met Isha I was, well the best way to describe it is that I felt stagnant – on the surface I was happy, I had a great job that I loved, fantastic friends and family and I should have felt content – the problem was I just couldn’t shake the feeling something wasn’t right, that there had to be more to this life than the way I was feeling. I knew the changes I wanted were within my grasp but I needed some help to recognise and clarify what I wanted. With Isha’s guidance and assistance I broke down the barriers preventing the life I wanted and have gotten to know myself again and even better I now love who I am."
- Julie Sedon