Isha Knill - Business Coaching
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Grow Your Team Members

Statistics prove that businesses that invest in their staff, stay in business.

As your company grows, it's a natural progression to employ staff to help your growth. Without staff, it’s difficult to have growth and a lifestyle so with this in mind, it makes sense to see your staff as a valuable asset because they support your organisation to grow and enable you to have time to work on your business instead of in your business.  

Training and upskilling them it helps you to get the most out of them, increases their job satisfaction, fosters loyalty and helps retain them for the long term meaning you avoid the unnecessary expense of ongoing recruitment. Coaching and training also go hand in glove with building a great company culture which is essential for business success.

Individual workplace coaching can help to:

Who’s this coaching for?

Staff members whose current behavior impacts business performance.  Sometimes the simple solution in business appears to be to replace underperforming staff.  The downside of this is that this overlooks the time, energy and cost spent in training this individual.   It also treats the symptom and not the cause.  Underperformance sometime points to wider issues within a company.  A better solution is to both support the staff member to understand how to change their behavior and take a broader look at your company to identify the cause that could be creating the behavior. Doing this removes the cost of re-employing and training new resources, it also retains your company IP, improves business process, improves culture and improves overall staff morale.

Individual coaching can be provided on a one on one basis.  Please contact Isha via email to discuss your individual needs or enquire below to set up a complimentary session to discuss a way forward.  Please allow a 24-hour response time when submitting enquiries.